Woman driving instructors in norwich

Does Gender Matter When It Comes to Driving Instructors?

In Norwich, it doesn’t matter who is behind the wheel-male or female-provided that they are adults and licensed to drive. For you to earn the license, you have to be trained by a qualified instructor. Finding an instructor depends on an array of things. For example, you may look at the experience of the instructor, the charges, and repute of the driving school. In addition to the three, there are some learners who are gender-specific. This brings us to the question: does it matter if you are trained with a male or a female instructor?

Male Vs Female Driving Instructors

A majority of learners don’t mind to be trained by either gender provided that the instructor is qualified. However, there are those who would request for female instructors over male ones. According to them, the woman driving instructors in Norwich make them comfortable when learning to drive. Of course, there are those who will differ with this argument since the gender subject is always a debatable one. Whether you are trained by a man or a woman, the license is the same even if the experience isn’t.

In most cases, those who resort to women instructors argue that they are gentle and patient when training. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all the male instructors are hard on their learners. You may be surprised that there are male instructors who are just as softer as the females. Lastly, there is the issue of gender sensitivity. Some young learners, especially females, prefer to be taught by fellow women for security reasons.


The question of whether gender matters when choosing a driving instructor depends on your individual perception. One thing is clear though; women can drive and instruct just like men. The training style for the two genders may differ but the course is the same.