Tree Surgery in Harpenden

Rogue tree surgeons have existed in Harpenden for years but since the last economic crisis their numbers have gone up – faced with the prospect of a smaller income, many people walk into a store and buy a chainsaw and a ladder and the start advertising themselves as tree surgeons. If you hire one of these you can end up in trouble of varying degrees: they can kill your trees with poor surgery skills, they could hurt themselves in your property or they could get your family or passersby hurt. To avoid this kind of thing it is important that you hire a tree surgeon who has the right qualifications:

• Tree surgery is more than a guy wielding a chainsaw at the top of a tree. It is craft that requires training and experience. Before you hire a tree surgeon you should find out the kind of training they have had. They have to learn how to use and maintain a chainsaw, they have to learn how to climb trees and work on them safely, they have to learn how to do surgery on trees and they also have to learn about tree diseases and how to cure them. Ask them to show you proof of this kind of training.

• Experience is also important when it comes to tree surgery. It matters how many years someone has been a tree surgeon – the more the better of course. The normal trajectory in a tree surgeon’s career is to get trained and then apprentice with an older and more experienced tree surgeon before they can start their own business. Make sure that you’re not getting a rookie.

• The right equipment in a tree surgeon’s hands can make all the difference. Not only do they have to have the right kinds of saws, they also have to have the right climbing tools and well maintained harnesses. Tree surgeons who are new in the business don’t usually have the kind of money it takes to buy all this equipment which is part of the reason they work with more experienced surgeons for the first few years of their careers.

• You should make sure that you hire a tree surgeon that has all the necessary insurance in case of an accident. Ask them to show you the receipt for their last premiums.

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