Driving lessons at 16

Some people do not know this, but you can drive a car at 16. It is possible to apply for a provisional driving license when you are three months to 16 years. You will then start driving a car at 17. However, you can drive a car at 16 if you get it, or have applied for enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
How many passengers can you carry in a car at 16?
If you have a license at 16, you can only drive with one non-family member passenger unless you are in the company of your parent, legal custodian, or guardian. After age, 17 you can carry the number of passengers, as there are seatbelts.
Is enrolling for driving lessons at 16 safe?
There is a big concern when it comes to young drivers because they lack the real driving experience that statistically increases accident rates among drives aged 16-19. If 16-year-olds can learn to drive with qualified driving instructors then take practical driving tests until they are 17 then they will have more time to learn how to drive. Instead, as soon as many learner drivers get to 17 years they rush to take a practical driving. Although the courses serve their purpose, they do not offer enough experience regarding varying driving conditions.
If you are 16, you can apply for a provisional car-driving license up to three months before you turn 17. One can enroll in many driving courses. Some classes are expensive while others are very affordable. Under 16s can get pre-driver courses from their local council that offer short courses that can include advice on
Basic first aid
Buying a used car
Accidents and speed awareness
Driving lessons
Some of these classes by local councils usually cost a minimal fee, and some are even free. You can check with your local board to see if they are available. Driving schools and instructors also offer driving classes for 16-year-olds provided they have access to suitable private land. The courses vary in length and training level. However, most simple courses include changing gear, moving the car off, clutch control, and steering techniques.
Other driving lessons may include real junctions and road tests. 16-year-olds can enroll at our school today. We have private land without much traffic where our students can learn peacefully.