Doctor Richmond

You have been seeing the same Richmond GP since you were  child and you are wondering whether there is any benefit to changing doctors now that you are an adult. There are several pros and cons that you should take into account as you weigh this decision. The main reason why you should stay with your current doctor is that they have monitored your health since you were a child and they will be able to point out quite easily if there are any marked changes.
However, the reason why many people seek a new GP when they are older is that they need a fresh eye to look into their health. There is the danger that if you use the same doctor your whole life they may become quite lax when it comes to your health. They will not do it deliberately – doctors don’t set out to do harm – but just because they are so used to you being healthy they may not be on the lookout for problems.
If you want to have a comprehensive physical you should find a new GP who has the training and experience to check your health thoroughly. They should be able to do all the necessary tests and if there are any developing problems they should not only be able to point them out, they should also be proactive in helping you manage or cure them.
One problem that professionals have when it comes to having annual physicals is seeing different doctors to different tests – it takes time to drive to different parts of Richmond to get tests done. You can go around this by using doctors who work from the same location such as those at the Roseneath Medical Practice. The group is made up of different doctors, each with their own specialty, so you can get all your tests done in the same place and save time. You can find out more on their website,