Intensive Driving Norwich

Intensive driving in Norwich takes place during driving courses. The courses are designed to train drivers in the shortest time that one can learn. When one decides to take up the course there is a test first undertaken. The purpose of the test is to decide the prospective student’s driving ability. Thereafter, the amount of days and intensity of the intensive driving course is determined. The intensive driving course suits people who would rather learn a lot in a short span of time rather than spread it over a long period. This require high levels of concentration and effort. Intensive driving courses have the advantage of having extended periods of close personal contact with a highly qualified instructor. This enables one to learn faster and receive training tailored particularly to the individual’s needs.

A student can tap into the vast revoir of knowledge that a good instructor may have. Classes range from three to eight hours a day ensuring most problems that a student may have dealt with in detail and comprehensively. A student is afforded the luxury of having a single instructor throughout the course period. Establishment of such a rapport between student and teacher greatly increases the odds of success come testing time. A full intensive driving course may run up to a period of two weeks. The Norwich intensive driving course starts with theoretical classes and tests. Once these are done, practical lessons start.

The course culminates in a final practical driving test which then decides if a student passes gets a driving license or not. If a student fails the final test, he or she could take a retest class and retake the final test the very next day. Norwich is a favorite place to take intensive driving courses due to the high pass rates recorded in the area. The lessons cover everything from traffic rules to actual motorway experience. The United Kingdom driving license is one of the most recognized licenses in the world. A foreign student who would like to let’s say tour Europe could quickly get a license in Norwich and would be free to acquire a vehicle and be on his way. The prices are also very affordable due to the short term nature of the course. The intensive driving course also includes lessons in hazard perception. This is very important and helps in increasing drivers’ awareness while driving and also prepares drivers for what happens in emergency situations.